My office is located in Belmont Center, at 68 Leonard St, Belmont, MA 02478. The entrance to the offices is on the side, under a covered walkway that faces the Bank of America building. It used to be trickier to find before they put up signs pointing to the “Office Entrance.”  My office is on the second floor, and an elevator is available with no steps up from sidewalk level. For a map and driving directions, click here.

Waiting Room

My office door opens directly into the space where I do therapy with patients. Do not open the door without knocking, and please do not knock before your appointment time other than in exceptional circumstances. If you arrive before your scheduled appointment time, please go to the waiting room, and I will come get you when I am ready; if it gets to be more than 5 minutes after your scheduled time, please come knock. If you arrive just at—or after—your schedule time, please knock when you arrive.

Coming off the elevator, my office is immediately to the right. To get to the waiting room, turn left and immediately right (see map here). The waiting room is down the hall on the left-hand side, attached to the offices of Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Levy.


Please allow adequate time for diving and parking. Around rush hour, Concord Ave and the Fresh Pond Parkway and rotaries can be quite backed up.

It is tempting to park in the Bank of America lot right next door, but I don’t recommend it. Parking is available in several locations (see the map here):

  • There is 90-minute parking on Leonard Street and a few nearby side streets. You need to enter your license number at one of the kiosks; parking is free for 30 minutes, or you can pay 50 cents for 60 minutes or $1 for 90 minutes. The parking spaces are not numbered, and you do not need to display the optional receipt on your dashboard.
  • Other side streets have unmetered two-hour (or occasionally one-hour) parking spots.
  • From the underpass, you can get to the Claflin Street lot by taking your first right on Channing and turning immediately left on Claflin. When you get to the lot:
    • Do not turn left by the booth; that parking is reserved for the shops across the street from me.
    • The best option is to go straight ahead: the row of spaces on your left, and the first two on your right are unmetered two-hour parking. These spaces are marked by green lines.
    • The rest of the lot (right turn) is municipal parking at the rate of 25 cents per 15 minutes, or $5 for the whole day. You need to pay at a kiosk and display the ticket on your dashboard.

Public Transit

The 74 and 75 buses run from Harvard Square to Belmont Center. Service is not as frequent as we might like, but the MBTA schedule is fairly accurate, and the buses have up-to-the-minute tracking on smartphones using apps such as Transit. The Fitchburg Line Commuter Rail stops include Belmont Center and Porter Square.