What Are the Rules for Marriage in Islam

It is known that just as in the beginning of Islam, all the rules of Allah were revealed step by step and put into practice. Even in this system (government of Iran), which was preceded by a despotic regime that was against Islam, we cannot expect all the rules of Islam to be put into practice in a short period of time. On the contrary, it is necessary only if this happens over a longer period of time. It is to be hoped that in the near future, all the laws of Islam will be realized under the Islamic government. So, in areas where you are certain that something prohibited is happening, you must refrain from doing so; and there will be no evil or corruption, then you should also lead others (to what is right). 319 – Question: What is the verdict for clapping your hands on joyful occasions, weddings and other times? If, in addition to hand clapping, a metal bowl is used (for whipping) or a bathtub (copper) is used, then what is the verdict? Ratifying the Mahr can be as simple as a meeting between the groom and his bride`s guardian. The Wali claims that he offers marriage to his daughter in the presence of witnesses at the agreed dowry and in accordance with the law (Sharia). The groom accepts the terms with similar language, and both parties invoke Allah as the “best witness” of the transaction. The ceremony must also be attended by at least two witnesses who are adults in a good mood and can testify to respect for the law.

Many, if not most, Muslim couples go beyond this simple ceremony. Muslim wedding venues are often chosen because of their proximity to a mosque, although it is not strictly required that the ceremony be performed there. The Prophet is said to have called for the wedding to be announced publicly and accompanied by drums, which has led many to believe that a large public ceremony is preferable to a private mahr. After the ceremony, the marriage should be consummated. The Qur`an even has a piece of advice for the wedding night: “One of you should not fall on his wife like an animal does; Let a messenger be between them. The reason for this is that parents or guardians usually know their child`s character better and will try to choose the most compatible partner. When a man and a woman are together, there is a risk that the passions of the moment will overwhelm their reason and judgment. You can only get married because of physical attraction and find incompatibilities in each other when it`s too late. Physical attraction or “being in love” can quickly subside in the face of other problems, leading to dissatisfaction and eventual separation. On the other hand, in an arranged marriage, physical attraction plays a subordinate role, and couples do not enter the marriage with the same expectation of “romantic love”, but see it as a partnership in which both have to make personal sacrifices and work to please their partner. The gradual accumulation of respect, trust and affection usually creates a bond between man and woman that is stronger and more lasting than a bond based solely on physical attraction. With prior mutual agreement, the mahr can also be paid in part to the bride with an amount that the groom gave to the bride when signing the marriage contract, also called Mu`qadamm (arabic: مقدم, lit. “presented front part”), and the last part was moved to a date during the wedding, also called Mu`akhaar (Arabic: مؤخر, lit.

“delayed”). Various Romanized transliterations of mu`qadamm and mu`akhaar are accepted. Such an agreement does not make the total amount of the mahr less required by law, nor does it nullify or reduce the husband`s obligation to perform the agreement while fulfilling his obligations to adequately accommodate, feed or clothe the wife (and the children born of the union) during the marriage. [49] The marriage contract (aqd-nikah) takes many forms, but its most fundamental purpose is to strengthen the bond between the bride and groom. Often it contains the details of the mahr or dowry that the groom has to pay to the bride`s family. The ratification of this treaty usually involves some kind of ceremony – the practice of which is very different in Islam. If the nikah takes place in the mosque, it is likely that the men and women will be separated during the ceremony. In this case, the Wali can accept the Nikah and the marriage contract in the name of the bride. However, when nikah takes place in a place or at home, the separation often depends on the culture of the couple or the degree of religiosity of the family.

Answer: A girl who has reached the age of maturity and intellectual maturity – which means that she can determine her own affairs, so if she is a virgin, according to Ihtiyat, she must have permission from her father or grandfather to marry. However, if a suitable match is found (for her), but her father was against (marriage), then her permission is not a condition (it is not required). The same applies if the father or grandfather is not present and the daughter has to get married. M O you who believe! It is not legal for you to inherit women by force. And don`t marry women your father never married, except for what happened. In fact, it was obscenity, disbelief and a bad way. You are forbidden your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your paternal aunts, your maternal aunts, the daughters of the brother, the daughters of the sisters, your mothers who breastfed you, your feeding nurses, the mothers of your wives, your daughters-in-law in your guardianship of your women on whom you walked, but if you did not step on them, then there is no fault in you, wives of your sons of your kidneys and this addition of two sisters (in a marriage), except for what has passed.. .