What Happens If I Get Pregnant on a Temporary Contract

Rema is employed on a fixed-term contract that begins on February 6, 2017 and ends on December 1, 2017. Their expected week of birth (CEE) is December 4 to December 8, 2017. The qualifying week therefore begins on August 21, 15 weeks before the CEE. Hello. I wonder if someone could help me? I started a job at the beginning of the year, it`s a 12-month maternity insurance, from March of this year to March of next year. I just found out I`m pregnant. Am I still entitled to maternity benefits for my business? The 12-month contract ends in March, but I am not due, the baby before May. Does this mean that I will not have a salary for 2 months or that I am entitled to something? Thank you Hello – I`m not sure about my working conditions. I work in the public sector through my own company, so I am essentially self-employed.

I signed a 12-month contract with my employer on 04-Apr-11, but I have been working continuously ever since. I haven`t signed another contract, so I don`t really have an end date. I charge my employer and I have an hourly rate, but I pay all my own taxes and NI and I don`t get annual leave or sick leave – I`m only paid for what I work. Am I entitled to maternity leave or pay? Hello, I am 13 weeks pregnant and my school is aware of this. I`m on FTC scheduled to end on August 31st. I will go on maternity leave a week later. I do not currently know if my contract will be renewed, even though I will enter the third year of school. Do I receive SMP? Will it be the amount that corresponds to my salary at the 26th week of pregnancy, or will it be a base salary in September? Hello. I am an entrepreneur, that is to say I am self-employed with a limited liability company and 7 months in a 12-month contract for my client and I am 2 months pregnant. What are my rights vis-à-vis the client I work for? If I tell them I`m pregnant, could they terminate my contract prematurely because, for example, I can`t provide the service I accepted, for example because I.B need time off for prenatal appointments or because I`m too tired to work late, etc.? I`ve already upset them because I didn`t want to risk flying to New York and I had to tell them it was for a private medical reason. It is a very demanding company and seems happy to terminate people`s contracts for the slightest problem that arises. Of course, I don`t want to get pregnant and look for work! Hello.

I have a fixed-term contract that ends in January 2016. I have been working here for 2 years. I work here as a housekeeper and my husband as a gardener, we live here together. I have to be expected in March 2016. You will pay for my maternity leave. Do I have the right to stay and live here because it is in the contract? And start working after my maternity leave? Can`t they renew the contract with my husband just because I`m pregnant? But we work as a domestic couple. We have no other place to live. But can I live here during my maternity? Thank you for the answer. If the job still exists and your contract is not renewed because of your pregnancy or maternity leave, the dismissal is discriminatory and automatically unfair. A woman who receives her leave during pregnancy must receive written proof of her leave. Editor: You don`t need to legally tell your boss and six weeks is early enough to tell him.

Many people certainly wait until week 12 for the pregnancy to be well established, but it`s a good idea to be honest with your boss for a long-term relationship. Have you had any rolling contracts? It`s illegal for a company to discriminate against you because of your pregnancy, but they may find other reasons not to renew the contract. If your contract is not renewed, you will not be eligible for the SMP since you must be there until at least the 26th week of pregnancy to be eligible. It is one of those topics that you need to decide for yourself based on your knowledge of your workplace. My employer (manager) told me that I quote: “You are entitled to maternity leave from 11 weeks before the birth of your baby. You are entitled to the statutory maternity allowance, but not to the professional maternity allowance, because your fixed-term contract with us has expired. Publisher: You cannot have your contract terminated due to your pregnancy, as this would constitute discrimination during pregnancy. Hello. I have a fixed-term contract with a university and my contract ends during my maternity leave. The scholarship paid to me was suspended during my leave so that I could return for an extension after my maternity leave.

I don`t want to go back for an extension, and the administrator says I have to repay the maternity allowance I received because I “resign” from my position. My contract expires and it`s an extension I can`t accept. Am I legally obliged to return to work for an extension of a fixed-term employment contract? Thank you! Publisher: As an intern, you have the same employment rights as other employees, so your employer cannot discriminate against you because you are pregnant. However, it can be difficult to prove it, as you say. For more information, I did not give up my resignation in my job about 2 weeks ago. I just found out I`m pregnant and about to start my new job. Could you please give me some advice about my rights? Hello, Are you an employee of the company? You are entitled to legal maternity leave if you are an employee and not an “employee” and you have informed your employer once you have started to become pregnant. It doesn`t matter how long you`ve been with your employer, how many hours you work, or how much you get paid. However, you are not entitled to statutory maternity leave. There are certain rights regarding maternity leave – www.workingmums.co.uk/do-you-know-your-maternity-rights/ good morning. I have a fixed-term contract of 1 year, which has been extended by two months until the end of May. I will be 35 weeks pregnant in the last week of May.

In June, our contracts will probably be extended, but as agreed months ago (before I was pregnant), it will be for a 28-hour week instead of my current 35-hour week. I feel like I have to start my maternity leave before June to receive 90% of my 35-hour weekly salary. If I start my matt leave in June, will the SMP be based on my first year salary or the new salary? My employers don`t know if I take annual leave before going on maternity leave. If I take the full 52 weeks, I will terminate my fixed-term contract for the second year until I return, so I cannot take my annual leave at the end of my maternity leave. .